dr Julia Kubisa

Research interests
gender in the world of work (feminist perspective); transformations of public services; sociology of work and organizations; collective labor relations and union democracy

2004 – MA, Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw
2011 – PhD, Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw

Selected publications
2017: Trade Unions and Migrant Workers in Poland: First Stage of a Work in Progress. In: S. Marino, R. Penninx, J. Roosblad (eds.), Trade Unions and Migrant Workers New Contexts and Challenges in Europe. Edward Elgar Publishing.
2016: From Better Job Quality to Higher-Quality Care: Polish Nurses’ Collective Struggle With the Public Healthcare System. Emecon: Employment and Economy in Central and Eastern Europe, 5(1), 1–14.
2014: Bunt białych czepków. Analiza działalności związkowej pielęgniarek i położnych. Warszawa: Scholar.
2014 (coauth. J. Hardy, M. Calveley, S. Shelley): Labour Strategies, Cross-Border Solidarity and the Mobility of Health Workers: Evidence from Five New Member States. European Journal of Industrial Relations21(4), 1–19.
2014 (coauth. J. Hardy, S. Shelley, M. Calveley, R. Zahn): Scaling the Mobility of Health Workers in an Enlarged Europe: An Open Political-Economy Perspective. European Urban and Regional Studies23(4), 1–18.
2014 (coauth. M. Zieleńska, M. Jessoula, I. Madama): Understanding Convergence and Divergence: Old and New Cleavages in the Politics of Minimum Income Schemes in Italy and Poland. Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy30(2), 128–146.

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